Our great nation is in decline.  Those we have elected to represent us in the U.S. Congress, including Rep. Renee Ellmers, are doing little or nothing to reverse that decline.  We can waste no more time.  We must correct the policy mistakes of the past to restore American strength and prosperity.  I have identified the policy problems.  I have the solutions.     

The people of North Carolina's 2nd District have had enough amnesty, enough of the automatic debt limit increases, enough of bad trade policy, and enough big government policies from both parties!  

When I talk to my fellow citizens about the problems we face as a nation I often hear concerns about unchecked legal and illegal immigration, the performance of the economy and weak job creation, high unemployment, the staggering amount of our national debt, and continuing problems with Obamacare.

Voters recognize there is a lack of courage to take on these tough issues, to take on the progressives in both parties, or to fight for conservative principles.  I have the courage to fight for what is right for America. 

When our representatives make commitments on the campaign trail that take a backseat to whatever is politically expedient once they return to Washington, when they lie to us, they should be taken to task for it and replaced. 

I’m offering you something different. I’m offering you Bold, Conservative, Leadership. I am committed to standing up against the Washington establishment to fight for the solutions that will again unleash America's true growth potential.  

Thank you for visiting my website, while you’re here I hope you’ll make a contribution to my campaign and sign up to join the grassroots team that will bring Bold, Conservative, Leadership to the 2nd District.

It's time for conservatives to unite and for we the people to rise up together!


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