I'm sorry to say I made the difficult decision to suspend my campaign on Monday, March 21, 2016.  The court ordered redistricting completely changed the political landscape in NC.  I thank you all for your support.  I couldn't have gone for as long or as far as I did without you all.  

Over the years on the campaign trail, the tens of thousands of miles, thousands of handshakes, and the hundreds of meetings, as I talked to my fellow Americans about the problems we face as a nation I often heard concerns about unchecked legal and illegal immigration, the performance of the economy and weak job creation, high unemployment, the staggering amount of our national debt, bad trade policy and China, poor educational outcomes, and continuing problems with Obamacare and over regulation.

Voters recognize there is a lack of courage to take on these tough issues in both parties.  We need representatives who have the courage to fight for what is right for America and fix those problems.   

When our representatives make commitments on the campaign trail that take a backseat to whatever is politically expedient once when they are in Washington, when they lie to us, they should be taken to task for it and replaced.

With that, I exit the political stage; what a run.  Keep up the good fight to ensure America's continued greatness.    

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